Understand and visualize your team with Cloverleaf.



Using the Cloverleaf Dashboard, you can begin to gain insights on improving team performance. You can also identify missing roles and development opportunities for team members aligned with team goals. Perform scenario planning for forming new teams or the impact of adding new members to your team.

From motivation, to communication and work style, the Cloverleaf Insights provide continued awareness and understanding for your team through the dashboard and right to your email. Our personalized coaching tips provide daily insights on how to truly implement what you learn in the assessments. Give your people the tools they need to improve communication, overcome conflict, and build better relationships whether in person or remote.

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Cloverleaf Calendar

Through our calendar integration, compatible with both Google and Microsoft, team members can see topical insights about those on their team and work towards more effective communication and collaboration. Our Slack integration provides another way to connect and have meaningful conversations with the team. 


Unlock every team’s potential with Cloverleaf

Team rhythms Cloverleaf

Understand your people 

With the right resources and tools, people can do their best work. The Cloverleaf platform supports seven different assessments to have the best insight into how teams and individuals in your company work. Using the Cloverleaf Dashboard or reports, you can gain insights from these assessments.

Build Your Own Algorithms

By using AI to analyze the profiles of your top performers you can create tailored algorithms that will enable you to hire better, boost your talent development strategies, and even build more productive teams, all while fostering higher diversity.

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AI & Machine Learning

Our Science & Innovation team has engineered a unique AI that can process data from several million profiles to automatically generate predictive models, updating and fine tuning each one as clients input additional data.

Internal mobility enabled

Galvanise your internal mobility strategy by helping employees evolve towards positions where they’ll capitalise on their strengths and be more fulfilled.



Cloverleaf is especially useful for team leaders, consultants and HR partners who work with teams to enhance team performance and agility. 

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Cloverleaf Assessment Reliability and Validity Report

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The impact teams have on culture & productivity e-book

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A field guide to human capital assessments

Download the Fuel 50 Global Talent Mobility Best Practice Research report here!

E-book: Behind every great employee is a great manager

Download the Cloverleaf e-book here!

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