AssessFirst harnesses the foundations of behavioral science and the power of AI technology to eliminate bias and allow you to make the best possible decisions in hiring, management and talent development.



Predictive assessment solutions for talent acquisition, development and mobility

Millions of Possibilities

The Assessfirst proprietary predictive algorithms analyze over 800 criteria related to people’s personality, motivations and cognitive skills. You can leverage that same data to identify what determines success in your organization, and hire better performing and more engaged candidates.

Build Your Own Algorithms

By using AI to analyze the profiles of your top performers you can create tailored algorithms that will enable you to hire better, boost your talent development strategies, and even build more productive teams, all while fostering higher diversity.

AI & Machine Learning

Our Science & Innovation team has engineered a unique AI that can process data from several million profiles to automatically generate predictive models, updating and fine tuning each one as clients input additional data.

Internal mobility enabled

Galvanise your internal mobility strategy by helping employees evolve towards positions where they’ll capitalise on their strengths and be more fulfilled.


All in One!

Recruitment / Candidate Experience / Development / Mobility / Potential Assessment / Team Performance.

Increased Accuracy


The secret to the unprecedented predictive power of AssessFirst lies in the way we collect and process hundreds of data points for each individual. Discover how our 3 data collection modules are engineered to understand who people truly are, beyond their academic and professional background.


Designed on the basis of modern Behavioral Science and inspired by gaming standards, the AssessFirst BRAIN test was built on an IRT model aimed at creating the best possible experience for each candidate.


The DRIVE questionnaire explores 20 fundamental needs which determine the situations that a person will naturally avoid or seek in their daily life. You’ll be let in on exactly what motivates an individual to spring into action.


AssessFirst developed the SHAPE personality questionnaire to understand the behaviors that each person will tend to display naturally, whether in day-to-day life or in high-stress scenarios.



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Assessfirst Soft Skills White Paper

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Assessfirst Diversity & Inclusion Guide

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Assessfirst Workforce Planning Guide

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