We bring innovative solutions to organisations that are ready to modernise their human capital processes and systems.


We want to make the world a better place through innovative, employee-centric human capital solutions. At Yellow Seed, we measure success by the lives we touch and the significant impact we make.


People are the key to organisational success and people are our business. Our single-minded mission is to dedicate our behavioral science expertise, modern technology, digital design capability and deep organisational understanding to help our clients build agile working environments that allow employees to grow, thrive and significantly contribute to their environments.


Innovation & Creativity 

Implicit in our performance-driven culture is the demand for innovation across all areas of our business, and especially in helping clients find innovative solutions to complex human capital challenges. We actively search for new and creative ways of thinking and doing. We often hold brainstorming sessions around new themes and goals and use our imaginations to drive innovation – fuelling better products, services, and processes. We iterate, experiment and are passionate about bringing a creative flair to everything we do. 

Strive for Excellence 

The confident pursuit and unwavering commitment to delivering at the highest quality is our priority. We always invest more than the required time and effort to ensure bullet-proof work. Ruthless prioritization of our time means purposefully planning our activities to ensure we’re always working on those activities with the biggest impact on our success. 

Energetic & Optimistic 

We display a resilient attitude and choose to turn problems into challenges. We see the value in setbacks or mistakes and view them as important learning opportunities. We bring a lot of enthusiasm, passion and positivity to the work we do. And we strive to incorporate a hint of fun in everything we do.  

Learning Mindset 

This is our superpower! We have a deep settled love for learning, researching, reading and “figuring things out” and continuous improvement. We’re curious and on a constant chase of knowledge to enhance our competence, relevance, and efficacy. We learn from our clients, our peers, our communities and our families – it’s the oxygen we breathe!   

Empathy & Compassion 

We are committed to understanding our clients’ wants, needs and viewpoints with respect, integrity and dignity. We value each team member for their diverse contribution, and we genuinely care about our clients, their employees and our community. We are generous, servant-oriented and focused on empowering others … always! 

Agility & Adaptability 

We partner, customise, adapt and iterate, to ensure we deliver solutions that are perfectly suited to address the challenges and opportunities of our clients. User experience is quite a big deal for us – and because of that, we’re constantly asking ourselves how we could improve and push our own limits to enhance the experience for our users. We are fast-paced, but we understand the importance of slowing down for reflection and collaboration to ensure optimal performance.

Johannesburg Office:
381 Ontdekkers Road
Constantia Kloof 1716
Phone: 011 475 5393

North-West Office:
Wellness World Office Park
Beethoven Street
Hartbeespoort 0260
Phone: 012 259 3700

Design Studio:
6 Venus Avenue
Johannesburg 2188

Sales: 064 541 0968

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